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In this wikia you can role-play and write stories! You can make up a character or use one from the books! Make up your own drama and story! You can write a story (of course different from the books) about any character! Even the ones you make up! My favorite series of all time is The Land of Stories! If you know me you would know that when I read a book if it is boring at first I just can't read it! I don't know why, but that is just how it is! When I first read these books I just couldn't step away from them! I created this wikia because I always wanted to write about my own and favorite fairytale characters, and act them out! I bet you do too! So what better reason to create this wikia about my favorite books and fairytale characters!

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You are free to do what ever you want to do ( as long as it is appropriate!) We encourage you to use your own, unique characters! Creativity is what we are after! We also encourage you to use the Land of Stories map and setting. If you do not know about these places please go here for more information. You may also use your own setting and map but we encourage to try to enclude these places.

Fan Fictions Edit

What we aim for the fan fictions are short stories, books, and bios about the characters. You can write "reviews" on the books. You can write a part of the book with a different perspective. Or you can write about your new character, weather it is a biography of your character or it is a background story about it, or anything else. Please go ahead we encourage you! Just don't write about other people's characters without permission.

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